Mailmark from Royal Mail

Mailmark™ is the newest and most efficient franking mark. The Mailmark frank has a 2D barcode, the Royal Mail "Delivered By" branding and includes a new visual identifier, that shows the class of mail and the format (see the example in the picture).

Using Mailmark brings a number of benefits including:

  • Pricing discounts on certain postal items
  • Access to a new Prepay Business Reply product that will drive responses to your business and generate revenue
  • Automated postal tariff updates, avoiding surcharges and increased inconvenience
  • Reduced costs and increased speed with a switch from analogue telephone lines to a networked connection
  • Presents a more professional image on your mail

Currently Mailmark franked 2nd class letters are 5% cheaper to send than standard franked letters (33% cheaper than using stamps). There are also discounts on first class letters, large letter format and signed for letters.

Is your current machine Mailmark?

Mailmark indicia If your Franking indicia looks like the image on the right, then you are using a Mailmark machine

Standard Franking Machine?
Smart indicia If your franking indicia looks like the image on the right then you are using a standard non-Mailmark machine.

How to upgrade your machine to Mailmark?

If you would like to discuss upgrading to a Mailmark machine or have any questions about Mailmark,
please don't hesitate to contact us on 0870 066 3526 or